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What if… there was an easier way forward?

What if feeling good about yourself and your life was easier than you imagine?  Are you longing for change, for improvement, yet struggling to make that happen?  If you are stuck moving forward, feeling unsupported, then you have arrived in the right place.

Emotional Health Coaching ~ Regenerates Your Life!


Emotional Health Coaching

Life is simply too short to be living in the shadows of the life you want to be living.  It is time to take back control of your life. Time to free yourself from the chains that have been holding you back.  Time to connect deeply to who you really are and live the fulfilling life you deserve.  Emotional Health Coaching helps you do this, in ways that feel good and bring about rapid change.  

Are You Ready For Change? 

The way things are…

Do you feel boxed in, unable to make change last, feel like nobody understands what you are going through? Maybe lost your way in life?  It’s not unusual for emotions to scramble and feel out of control when our thoughts are focused on all that is wrong, our fears and uncertainty about the future. Maybe it’s time for support? 


The way you want life to be…

Effecting change in our lives begins with telling a new story, the one we do want to be living.  It requires forging a new identity, of ourselves in a feel good life.  Then, from that connection to what we really want, we can start to heal what has been holding us back and getting in the way of life fulfillment.  We can regenerate our lives.

This is my work, as an Emotional Health Coach

My work is a blend of emotional understanding, wellness and personal empowerment coaching, bringing to you what you need to calm body and mind so you can think straight and make better plans for your future.  I will show you how to regain control of your life, your thinking and help you connect to a brighter future.  A future of real possibility ~ as you grow in confidence to take bolder steps forward, to live the feel good life of your choosing.

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“Beverley has a wealth of knowledge and is somehow intuitively able to offer techniques and practises during the session which lead to perfect results, whether this is simply feeling better, coping with a difficult situation, setting personal goals or generally wanting to be a happier person.  We also laughed during our sessions… a healing gift in itself!  Thank you from my heart Beverley!” Mandy Elliott