What if… there was an easier way forward?

What if feeling good about yourself and your life was easier than you imagine?  Are you longing for change, for improvement, yet struggling to make that happen?  If you are stuck moving forward, feeling unsupported, then you have arrived in the right place.

Welcome to Self Empowerment Coaching and what is possible.


Create A New Life Story

Self-Empowerment Coaching

Is designed with You in mind.  It is here to help you take control of your life, to free yourself from the chains that have been holding you back, and libertate you to grow in confidence and achieve the life you want, faster ~ focusing on 4 key aspects:

Your Self

At the centre of your life and all that is or is not working is You!  Learn to strengthen who you are and what’s possible.

Your Health

Body, mind and spirit working in harmony is a powerful force. Learn to re-calibrate all parts of You & lift life higher.

Your Wealth

Hidden in your money story are the tendrils of the past…  Learn to liberate yourself from unconscious connections

Your Life

It is why you are here, why you exist, to bring yourself and your gifts to the world.  Learn to create a better reality.

Welcome! I’m Beverley

Self-Empowerment Coach

It breaks my heart how many people are suffering emotionally, struggling with life, feeling it is more existence than enjoyment.  That was true for me for a long time… What I discovered on my journey to reclaiming my life and finding my Self is that Life gives us what we ask for ~ that the repeating thoughts and patterns we have bring about the results we experience.  

For over a decade I have delved into the spiritual, wellness, mindset and transformational coaching worlds.  When I speak of self-empowerment the self-empowerment I am speaking of is that where you really get to know yourself deeply, on multiple levels.  The self-empowerment that happens when we are brave enough to heal the past and truly move forward. The self-empowerment that introduces you to the most powerful aspects of who you are, so that you become masterful of your Self, your Health, your Wealth and your Life.  And you know what?  It’s not even that difficult!  It feels good to take ownership of our lives… Are you ready for a self-empowered life?

Open The Door To New Possibilities

The way things are…

The picture we paint of our lives, the story we tell, is entirely in our hands.  How  we show up for ourselves and others, the thoughts we think and the actions or inactions we take, ALL  influence ourselves, our actions and the outcomes we experience called Life.

Or something better?

We can keep plugging into current reality, do more of the same, feel the same suffering and limitations, OR we can empower ourselves! Becoming the creator of our life ~ with a clear vision of  what is wanted, of what is really possible, and take steps to achieve it.

“I can’t say enough about my coaching sessions with Beverley. She is the perfect blend of practical and spiritual, and could bring me to a space of peace and relaxation where I could easily and effortlessly be myself. I was so uplifted by her energy and direction, I became in charge of my life again, of my thoughts, and results. I can’t thank Beverley enough for the energy I got back!” Andrea Cola

How Can This Help Me?

 We start with where you are.  Right here, right now, and how you feel about it. Self-empowerment coaching facilitates confidence and growth as it gently and respectfully deals with your sticking points, those repeating thoughts and patterns that get in the way of you feeling fulfilled and achieving what is most important to you.

Together we will design a Master Plan that has your heart and soul and vision it in ~ a guide to steer you right through life. Then I will hold you accountable for taking actions to achieve your primary goal, and as you do so, we will clear all the resistance and excuses that get in the way of your life’s progress – this is the conscious work that has to be done to get to the next level of who you are and the life you want to be living. Does this sound good to you?


Overcoming Anxiety


Freedom from Overwhelm


Rising Above Depression


Recovery from Burnout


Strength & Confidence


Strategy & Focus


Greater Love of Life


Mastery of Life & Emotions

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