a few words from clients…

“Beverley has an incredible ability to help you to tap into the depth of your true desires to reach your goals. She can help you to unfold your talents which may be hidden for various reasons, to bring them to the surface and dissolve the obstacles that may be blocking you. There are always many ‘a-ha’ moments during our sessions.”

Judit Szathmary

“If I had known what you know, I wouldn’t have struggled for so long, for years really, with my health and wellbeing and challenging circumstances. I got my life back because of you, thank you!”

Yvette Lawrie

A bit about me…

As Your Self-Empowerment Coach

Passionate about lifting life higher and an advocate for what’s possible – instead of ‘what is’ – my life has brought me to this work!  I spent years struggling and efforting through life, not believing in myself, held hostage to extreme doubt and uncertainty, hiding away, being invisible.   From the outside everything looked okay, I was strong and had it together – ha ha ha!   In truth I was immobilised by unfounded fears and insecurity, fears I had let rent too much space in my head ~ for a very long time.  I stop started in business, dreamed big and fell short so many times!  Yet I have this calling to be more, do more, to help alleviate suffering in this world – can you relate?  

I have served my emotional time, and I can tell you, there is nothing more liberating than taking control of yourself and your life and succeeding where you once fell short.

Yet I know only too well what it feels like to live stuck, afraid and living in limitation, where it feels like everything is against you, that there is no getting ahead ~ Now I know that way of living is optional.  Chronic stress can be minimised, bodies and minds recalibrated. Faulty thinking, like a faulty circuit board, can be reprogrammed quite easily for better results. That feeling of being lost and not belonging, uncertain?  Well… that too is only temporary until you find people who believe in you, see and value you ~ for who you are & who you are becoming.

This is why I am creating The Self Empowerment Circle. With an understanding that much as we might love them, those around us often aren’t able, or don’t know how, to best support us in our dreams and visions of who we are becoming and what we are called to. At worst they mock our desire for change and improvement, and we dim our light… know what I mean? 

My own struggles have brought me to this work, and the synthesis of my quest for healing and connecting with my empowered self sits within the Four Foundations.  Taking ownership of the Four Foundations of life is what I bring to you in my coaching and The Self Empowerment Circle. My work is dynamic, liberating, and we keep it light.  Seriously, we get too serious about the weigh of life sometimes, making more barriers to our future!  I invite you to be open to new possibilities, for it is in the seed of possibility that change unfolds.

So, whether you gain insight and inspiration from my Lifting Life Higher blog, join us in the Self-Empowerment Circle, are ready for coaching, or attend a local or online workshop, I hope to get to know you, your dreams and desires and help you achieve them faster.  

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