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Self-Empowerment Strategy Session

Take back control. Single coaching session for an emotional reset, review or reconnect with your vision & a boost of self empowerment to move forward.

* Redeemable against any 3 month program purchased within a month.


In this powerful hour you will clear the clutter from your mind, re-engage with your vision of the future and leave with a strategic action plan.


Open The Door

To more of what’s possible, to more of what you really want, to more of who you are. This gentle yet powerful introduction teaches and implements the key principles of The Four Foundations. Learn how good it feels to take ownership of your life & wellbeing making steady progress ~ with consistent support & encouragement.


  • One month, one focus area
  • Mini Master Plan
  • Weekly coaching & accountability
  • Prove to yourself what is possible
  • Improve your mood and wellbeing
  • Grow in confidence
  • Learn to stand in your power…

Reclaim Your Life!

If you feel time is running out and you are not where you want to be, are sabotaging your own progress or feel life is against you and you are ready to do something pivotal about it – as in create a new life story and deal with the **** that keeps getting in your way, then this 6 week impactful program is for you.


  • Self Empowerment Session
  • Empowered Master Plan
  • Weekly coaching & accountability
  • Prove to yourself what is possible
  • Improve your mood and results
  • Grow in confidence
  • Learn to stand in your power…
  • Reclaim your life!

Wealth Wisdom

Who knew?  Sitting in our relationship with money are the foundations of our pervasive limitations and fears.  This deep and powerful 3 month transformational program will liberate you. Not only from your old money story, but will help heal the past from hidden programming that is keeping you stuck, repeating patterns that get in the way of your progress. Bringing forward your confidence & brilliance.


  • Reveal your hidden programming
  • Life Empowerment Session
  • Mapping Your Fantastic Future
  • Goal Traumas revealed and healed
  • Clear your confidence blocks
  • Slay procrastination and other saboteurs of your success
  • Liberate yourself from your old money story
  • Reveal new facets of who you are
  • Experience deep & lasting change

This Conscious Change program requires a Strategy Session in advance.

“I have just completed my first session with Beverley which I found fascinating. I never knew how many of my personal values and self-limiting beliefs made such an impact on my relationship with money and career progression. In our 90 minute session, Beverley unlocked many events and instances which have occurred throughout my life and until today had gone unnoticed. I already feel more liberated from this series of epiphanies and can’t wait for our next session to start working together toward bigger, better goals.”  

Jamie Wilson

“Beverley has a wealth of knowledge and is somehow intuitively able to offer techniques and practises during the sessions which lead to perfect results, whether this is simply feeling better, coping with a difficult situation, setting personal goals or generally wanting to be a happier person.  We also laughed during our sessions… a healing gift in itself!  Thank you from my heart Beverley!”  Mandy Elliott

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