Frequently Asked Questions

Why Coaching, not Counselling or Therapy?

Coaching is not counselling or therapy – counselling and therapy are for significant psychological disturbance, and although we may cover some of the same issues in coaching, it is always recommended to seek medical professional support if you have sustained mental disturbance, grief or any form of psychosis.

Coaching is about moving you and your life forward now, with the primary focus on your future and how to get there.  My work is conscious transformation, so we deal with all parts of life that get in the way of your success, some of that may be the early years, as they are our first foundation.

Self-Empowerment Coaching gets to the root of the challenges you face in daily life, and breaks through the repeating patterns that get in your way.  It clears the debris from the past gently and respectfully, so you have more access to the brilliant resources within you.  

My coaching empowers your decision making and action taking, and clears the emotional resistance that comes up around change and taking action.  You will find yourself stepping up and taking more ownership of your life, getting laser focused and achieving the outcomes that are important to you.  

In doing so, you will learn to work with not against life and find yourself feeling better about yourself and your way forward, achieving more of the results you do want in life, faster.

What Can I Expect from Self-Empowerment Coaching?

When we are burdened by overwhelm, procrastination, and despair with our selves and our lives, or living in fear and insecurity, our ability to think, make good decisions and take effective action is compromised.  

With Self-Empowerment Coaching you can expect to learn how to calm your body and mind, manage your emotions, recalibrate your energy and get your thinking brain back online – so you can be clear and focused, and take action to achieve the better life circumstances and results you want – be that for yourself or your business.  You will create a new CV – Compelling Vision – for your future, which is way more powerful than just goal planning!  You will have a Master Plan for your life and be supported in taking action to achieve what is most important to you. 

As your coach I will hold you accountable for taking the actions you say are important to you.  This is where we find the ‘resistance’: the excuses, physiological responses and the squirming out of stepping up and being productive…  It is my job to work through that with you, and we will gently and respectfully uncover the hidden programming that is keeping you stuck, the old repeating patterns that sabotage your progress.  

Working with me you will learn to understand yourself better, empower yourself by creating that compelling future vision, then free yourself from the chains of the past and invisible bars to the future that have been holding you back.  Are you ready for that level of improvement in your life?


What is the Commitment?

My clients typically work with me in 6 week or 3 month blocks, which can be renewed thereafter, or later in the year for next level coaching if they wish to take the work further.  For the deepest transformation and meeting long term objectives an initial 3 month program is recommended.  

However, if you have a specific change you want to make, or an emotional chain or burden holding you back, that you want to breakthrough, we can start with the 6 week program and get some traction around you moving forward and getting the results you want.  Be that for your Self, Health, Business or Life, you will learn tools and strategies for success and fulfilment, and the the power of Self-Empowered action in getting the outcomes in life you do want.

Your commitment is to show up to every session fully engaged, ready to do the work, and take the actions you commit to.  Commitment phobic?  Then isn’t it time to sort that?  To prove to yourself you can make small and consistent changes to your thoughts and actions that lead to a more fulfilling life?  You will be fully supported in this, and guided to become skilled at implementing steps that take you closer to your compelling vison, becoming masterful of your emotions and improving the circumstances of your life.


Workshops, Classes and Membership - where do I get started?

Not everyone is ready for 1 to 1 coaching, so these topic based options are available at various times of the year to teach you the core principles that sit within Self-Empowerment Coaching – locally and online.  Learning to master the power of your thoughts and emotions is a game changer in leading a success filled, fulfilling life.  Learn how fogged thinking and runaway emotions get in the way of what you want, keeping you stuck repeating old patterns and experiencing poor self-fulfilling prophecies – you will identify and break through some of these limitations that are keeping you stuck.  

Learning what you can do to take control of your thoughts, emotions and actions is always the starting point of change.  

Working with me you will gain valuable skills and practices that put you in charge of your life and the outcomes you experience: from writing that Compelling Vision and creating a Master Plan for your life, to clearing out the emotional closets & uncovering the hidden programming in money that keeps you stuck and playing small.  

There is a wealth of success focused opportunities available, from free to monthly paid membership in the Self-Empowerment Circle on-line community, as well as coaching. 

There are many ways to move your life foward in ways that feel good to you, that create better health, wealth and Self-Empowerment – if that sounds interesting or intriguing… Let’s have a chat about possibilities!