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FEEL GOOD BEADS ~ The beautiful, powerful, mind~body tool that helps calm, de-stress and empower you and your day.


What if shifting your thinking and improving how you feel was easy?  What if creating a better trajectory of your day was easy?  What if creating an improved relationship with yourself and life was easy?  Well it is, and it can happen fast when you know how!

Feel Good Beads work with you to reprogram your mind ~ as you do this consciously you calm your body and emotions. In doing so you move out of the stress or depressed response, clear your mind and activate feel good emotions and physiology ~ we are after all, mind body & spirit… and resonate based on the thoughts we think.

Oh, there is SO much I can tell you of their value and ease of use, and will in the free 7 Day Feel Good Beads Mastery Challenge ~ challenging you, gently with support, to realign your thinking and learn how to work with the beads to de-stress, become calmer, get focused or empower yourself and your day as required…  available from 1st June 2023.  Meantime, grab the opportunity for a FREE Feel Good coaching session whilst still available!  By phone or Zoom – just send me a message via the form below and we can get started.  


Feel Good Vibes your way,


Gemstone Properties

Gemstones are know to have pieziolelectric qualities.  Quite simply they have a resonant field that influences and can be influenced – you can find out more here: *All about the beads.

*Below are some of the gemstones I use to make feel good beads, the metaphysical properties they are thought to hold, and where they are available for purchase.              *A WORK IN PROGRESS!

Indian Agate
Picture Jasper
Rose Quartz

Congratulations & thank you if you bought some Feel Good Beads! Are you ready to claim your free half hour Feel Good coaching session to find out how to work powerfully with them? Let me know below: