It is Time to Take Back Control
of Your Life!

Any significant change requires:  

A Master Plan | MAPPing Your Future | Support & Accountability

Whatever you are struggling with ~ lack of self belief, despair with yourself, life or finances ~ feeling lost, overwhelmed, burned out ~ or prisoner to fears or anxiety…  

We can sort that!  Read on – or get in touch now!

The Four Foundations

If you have tried everything to move forward and still find yourself stuck, then most likely one or more of The Four Foundations of life needs some attention.

If you are stuck, or feel life is out of control, let’s have a chat about creating a new improved relationship with your Self, your Health, your Wealth and your Life. Change is easier than you imagine…  Find out more below.


All change, success, fulfilment, growth and expansion starts with ourselves, as does misery…  The thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, the focus of our attention, and the action or non-actions we take all influence the trajectory of our day, our week, our months, our years, our lives, our relationships. Good news is you are the captain of your thoughts and change is possible.

Self-Empowerment Coaching focuses strongly on what is wanted and who you choose to become to live the compelling vision of the life you’ve decided you want. Self-Empowerment Coaching puts you front and centre in your life, so you can free yourself from the chains of the past and break through the invisible bars to your future.  Imagine that freedom.


Life – everything you do, are, have, have experienced and will experience.  We can be the receiver of Life or the cause of it.  You are more powerful than you know.  Life is the effect of the thoughts we think and the actions we do or do not take. The quality of our life is the result of where we put our focus.

Do you want more soveriegnty over your life? To be in charge of your outcomes.  To wake up each day pleased to be alive, knowing that the day holds so much to feel good about. We’ve got this one shot at this lifetime, are you making the most of it?

Working with me you will create a laser focused Master Plan and clear away the blocks in your way to achieving it. You will MAP this compelling vision of your future and learn how to create a life you love. It’s easier than you imagine…


We are body, mind and spirit, and with our ever busy demanding lives, and maybe sedentary lifestyles, it is all too easy to get stuck in the dis-ease of body, mind and soul.  Stress, procrastination and overwhelm are warning signs that something needs to change before burnout takes over or life makes you stop.  You know how on or off track you are with life by how good or not you feel. Good news is, awareness illuminates change and possibility.

Anxiety, depression and general malaise means focus is on a negative future or stuck in the past, and that needs to shift! Are you ready?

Working with me you will learn to calm body and mind as you raise your vibration and tune into a new compelling future, bringing vitality and fulfilment back into your life.


Do you know that sitting in your relationship with money is a key source of your fears and anxieties ~ your limitations?  All the reasons you keep repeating the same self-sabotaging patterns over and over again. That boom and bust cycle of all is great and then blast, it’s as if life itself kicked the legs out from under your table, again, and you are stopped in your tracks. Well, life doesn’t have to be so rough…

When we are brave enough to venture into the dynamics of our relationship with money, to explore the early foundations of our lives, we not only get clear and empowered to make changes, we heal the past and break through the chains that have been holding us back – sometimes for decades.  Self-Empowerment coaching helps you connect deeply with yourself and move beyond your stuck points, fast.  If you are ready for change, let’s have a chat about that!

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